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Bylaws: Text




Bylaws: Text


Section 1. It shall be the purpose of the John F. Kennedy Democratic Club, hereinafter referred to as the JFK Club, to contribute to the growth, prestige, and influence of the Democratic Party in municipal, county, state and national elections.

Section 2. The Democratic Party of Franklin Township shall be defined as the Franklin Township elected county committee persons and the Franklin Township Democratic Municipal Committee.

Section 3. The JFK Club shall, in all its activities, be guided by the decisions and policies of the Democratic Party of Franklin Township and shall support the nominees and platform of the Party.


Section 1. Membership in the JFK Club is open to all persons adhering to the purpose of the JFK Club as described in Article I.

Section 2.  Dues, to be determined by the Executive Committee, shall be payable annually during the month of January. To be a member in good standing, a person must have paid his or her dues.

Section 3. Dues paid in the last quarter of the calendar year, specifically in October, November, or December will maintain a member in good standing through January 31st of the year following the next fiscal year. (E.g. If paid in October of 2020 their membership will be good through January 31, 2022.)  

Section 4. Only members in good standing (membership dues paid in full) may vote at meetings of the JFK Club.


Section 1. The officers of the JFK Club shall consist of president, 1st, 2nd and 3rd vice-presidents, treasurer, corresponding secretary and recording secretary.

Section 2. Officers for open positions shall be elected at the January meeting and hold office until their successors are elected.  

Section 3. Vacancies of offices shall be filled by action of the Executive Committee until the next election. 


Section 1. President – Shall preside at JFK Club and Executive Committee meetings, serve as the administrative officer and tend to the day to day business of the JFK Club.  She/he shall also, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, develop and set the agendas, make committee recommendations and appointments and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

Section 2. 1st Vice President – Shall assume the responsibilities in the president’s absence.

Section 3. 2nd Vice President – Shall assume the position of the 1st vice president in his or her absence.

Section 4. 3rd Vice President – Shall assume the position of the 2nd vice president in his or her absence. Shall also assume the responsibilities of the Sergeant at Arms, by assisting in maintaining order at official meetings and events.

Section 5. Treasurer – Shall maintain an electronic ledger for income which clearly indicates the sources of all income by amount, name of source and date of deposit. Similarly, a record of disbursements shall be maintained clearly indicating to whom a disbursement was made, amount, check number and date of the disbursement or debit card charge. At each monthly meeting the treasurer shall report to the members the status of the JFK Club account as of the last day of the previous month. 

The annual financial report shall be emailed at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled date of the January JFK Club meeting.  

Section 6. Assistant Treasurer – Shall assume the position of the Treasurer in his or her absence.  Shall also assume responsibilities designated by the JFK Club President or Treasurer for a division of responsibilities that best suits the objectives of the Treasurer position and the JFK Club.

Section 7. Corresponding Secretary – Shall keep an up-to-date database of members and their contact information, shall be responsible for all correspondence of the JFK Club and shall send a welcome letter and a copy of the bylaws to all new members.

Section 8. Recording Secretary – Shall be responsible for recording the minutes of the Executive Committee and general membership meetings and submitting same to each respective group for approval; be responsible for keeping a permanent (electronic) file of all minutes and pass along the electronic file to the subsequent duly elected recording secretary.


Section 1. At the October meeting, after previously conferring with the Executive Committee, the president shall appoint a Nominating Committee of 3 - 5 members of the JFK Club and call for applications to fill offices for the following year.

Section 2. Any JFK Club member wishing to run for an office must submit a resume with qualifications to the Nominating Committee by the first Monday in December. 

Section 3. The Nominating Committee shall screen applicants and by majority vote determine a slate of candidates. The slate will be emailed to the full JFK Club membership at least one week before the scheduled January meeting. The Nominating Committee shall present the candidates to the membership at the January meeting and the candidates shall have an opportunity to speak if they wish.

Section 4.      Nominations, including self-nominations, shall also be accepted from the floor at the January meeting and they too shall have the opportunity to present her/his qualifications to the members in attendance.

Section 5.     If there are nominations from the floor at the January meeting, a ballot that will include space for write-ins will be provided and a vote conducted. In the event of a tie, another vote will be taken until a winner is determined. If there are no nominations from the floor, the members can vote by a show of hands, voice vote or by other means deemed appropriate.


Section 1. Meetings of the JFK Club shall be held monthly, except in July and August.  Times and places of meetings shall be established by the Executive Committee.  Special meetings may be called by the president, a quorum of the Executive Committee or upon petition of any twenty members. 

Section 2. General membership, Executive Committee and all other committee meetings may be held electronically when members are unable to meet in person at a physical location. Technology used to conduct the meeting must provide all members with the opportunity to see each other and hear each other at the same time. Additional collaborative technology may be used in order to aid in the conducting of the meeting (ie. additional platforms used to conduct voting).

Section 3. The corresponding secretary shall notify the membership of all

meetings. Notice of a meeting shall be provided to the membership no less than three (3) calendar days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Section 4. Twenty (20) members shall constitute a quorum at any meetings when any official action is taken.  A quorum shall be determined by the recording secretary based on the number of active participants prior to the meeting being called to order. No absentee or proxy votes shall be permitted. 

Section 5. All questions of procedure, except as specifically set forth in these bylaws, shall be governed by the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order. 


Section 1. The Executive Committee of the JFK Club shall consist of the officers of the club, the immediate past president and the municipal chairperson of the Franklin Township Democratic Party. 

Section 2. The Executive Committee will confer with the president to help develop and set the agenda, make recommendations for committees and tend to the day-to-day business of the JFK Club.

Section 3. The Executive Committee shall meet as necessary to the call of the president or upon petition of three of its members.  


Section 1. The funds of the JFK Club shall be kept in an account in a depository designated by the Executive Committee.  The account shall be in the name of the “John F. Kennedy Democratic Club of Franklin Township.”  This account shall include collected membership dues and income from fundraising activities. Contributions and donations. 

Section 2. The JFK Club account shall be maintained by the treasurer.  Either the treasurer or the president shall sign checks authorizing the disbursement of funds.  The disbursement of funds shall always be by check or debit/credit card. 

Section 3. Any disbursement of funds in excess of $100.00 shall be approved by a majority of the members of the Executive Committee. 

Section 4. The JFK Club shall establish a Sunshine Fund.  The money in the fun d shall be used to send an appropriate gift to a JFK Club member or member’s immediate family during hospitalizations, birth of a child or during times of bereavement.  Members may contribute to the fund at any JFK Club meeting or by other appropriate methods. 

Section 5. There shall be an annual cap of $150.00 for refreshments for club meetings. All refreshments purchased for JFK Club meetings shall be reimbursed in full to the provider. Expenditures in excess of this cap shall require the approval of the Executive Committee. (Regarding refreshments see Article IX, Section 4, Hospitality Committee.)

Section 6.     The fiscal year of the JFK Club shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.


Section 1. The Programs Committee shall make recommendations to the Executive Committee about topics for JFK Club meetings, seek out and tentatively schedule speakers. If necessary, shall provide equipment for presentations. 

Section 2. The Membership Committee shall recruit new members for the club, reach out to previous members to rejoin and shall provide name tags for members.     

Section 3. The Special Events Committee shall assist with events such as the JFK Club Picnic and Franklin Day Festival.

Section 4. The Hospitality Committee shall purchase the refreshments for meetings and ensure that the premises are clean upon leaving. For environmental concerns members are encouraged to bring their own drinks in reusable containers, as plastic water bottles will not be provided.

Section 5. The Publicity Committee shall ensure that events and programs sponsored by the JFK Club are promoted by having them published in The Franklin Reporter, TapInto Franklin and other available media.

Section 6. The Bylaws Committee (ad hoc) shall review and prepare proposed amendments to the bylaws. 



Section 1. Proposed amendments may be introduced and discussed at any meeting of the JFK Club. 

Section 2. To amend these bylaws, the following process shall be followed:

  1. The Bylaws Committee shall review and prepare proposed amendments to the bylaws and submit them to the Executive Committee for review.  Upon approval, the bylaws with the proposed amendments shall be distributed to the full JFK Club membership at least 14 days before the next full membership meeting.  During that meeting the proposed amendments will be discussed and, if appropriate, voted on. 

  2. Adoption of a proposed amendment may take place at any regular or special meeting of the JFK Club and will require a 2/3 membership approval vote when a quorum is present. 

These Bylaws were adopted on February 8, 2021.  

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