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President's Message

I have been the JFK Club President since January 2020. During the pandemic, we met on zoom. When restrictions were lifted, we began meeting again in person at Bhog restaurant in the JFK Plaza but we still hold virtual meetings periodically. The JFK Club – an arm of the Franklin Township and Somerset County Democratic Committees – is an active local Democratic organization that represents the Democratic values of our large multi-ethnic and racially diverse Franklin Township community. Our membership has grown to well over 100 members, many of whom are committee people and representatives from the state and county. 

There are numerous opportunities to be involved in the Club–attending meetings, participating in activities, and organizing events as well as by serving on one of the Club’s many committees and/or in an Executive Committee position.

We hold monthly meetings where we invite expert speakers to present on a variety of topics of interest to members. In concert with the Franklin Twp. Democratic Committee, we sponsor an annual picnic at Middlebush Park with esteemed guests such as Governor Phil Murphy, Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, Senator Bob Smith, Asm. Joe Danielsen, our Somerset County Commissioners, our Somerset County Democratic Committee Chairwoman and, of course, our local politicians, Mayor Phil Kramer and our Franklin Twp. Council members.  

Most important is our “get out the vote” (GOTV) work to do what we can to support the Democratic Party and elect endorsed Democratic candidates. We work with the County and Municipal Committees in a variety of ways - phone banking, texting, voter registration and canvassing – to encourage area residents to vote.

The 2024 elections will determine who is our next US President, who has control of the House and Senate, governorships, attorneys general, and secretaries of state across the country. It doesn’t stop there. Elections in counties, municipalities and boards of education also come into play. The outcome of these elections, especially the Presidential election, has the potential to impact democracy as we know it for years to come. Many social issues are at risk – women’s reproductive freedom, LGBTQ+ rights, racial equality, voting rights, and others. With conservative judges on courts, more and more rights could be decimated with the help of conservative lawmakers across the country and state by state. Also at risk are progress on climate change and environmental regulations put into place by Democrats and President Joe Biden. 

This election year is very consequential, to say the least. It is more important than ever to stand united as Democrats. Please work with us to keep Somerset County, the Senate, and the White House blue. Let’s return the House to Democrats, as well. There is no turning back to the dark days of Trump and the January 6th insurrection. We need everyone’s help in our efforts to GOTV.

I thank all those who have participated in our initiatives over the past few years, and I ask those who are not yet members to consider joining the Franklin Township JFK Democratic Club. Annual dues are $25 per person and membership is free for students and young adults through age 23.  You are always welcome to attend a meeting before joining. We look forward to meeting you soon at our  meetings.

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